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Lane was born in Saskatchewan, Canada, and grew up in the country. His obsession with music began at a very early age, watching his father, Scott Argue, play guitar, and also by listening to various country and rock ‘n’ roll tunes blaring from pick-up trucks. At the age of seven he begged his father for a guitar of his own, and started playing at eight years old. With not much else to do in the country but play sports or get into trouble, both of which he also managed to get quite good at, Lane delved deeply into the guitar, forming his first band when he was ten.  He studied, played and recorded music throughout high school, both solo and with different bands, until graduation, when he moved to Toronto to pursue music as a career.

Lane played and recorded in Toronto for 14 years, mostly in bands. He released two albums and an E.P. with his band The Livin’ Art, which was a mix of rock, roots, progressive, and psychedelic music. He also played in a rock/soul/blues band that he started, Mother Science, and performed blues & rock covers with The Mick Cavanagh Band. Lane also played guitar with The Steadies, fronted by former Wide Mouth Mason bassist, Earl Pereira.

Beyond his accomplishments in the many bands he has played in, Lane has been teaching and operating his own guitar school for over 12 years. At age twenty, he became the youngest musician in Toronto’s Subway Musician roster, and busked both in the subway stations and on the streets from 2009-2012. From the networking he achieved through busking, Lane sold four Livin' Art tracks to the television show “Python Hunters”. He was also featured in several newspaper articles and documentaries, one in which he had the opportunity to hang and jam with accomplished Canadian musician/producer and multi-Juno & Grammy winner, Colin Linden.


In 2021, Lane moved back to Saskatchewan to take over his family farm, near the town of Grenfell. He continues teaching there, as well as online.

So far, Lane runs his own business, has played hundreds of shows, and independently sold over twelve-hundred albums. He is currently teaching, playing gigs, writing and recording as a solo artist. Check out his Soundcloud, YouTube, and Instagram to see and hear what he's up to!

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