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“I’ve been a student of Lane’s for a few years, and his lessons have always been something I’ve looked forward to every week. He is an expert player and a patient teacher, always willing to explain and teach technique from various perspectives to find one that works best with your way of learning. He’s an incredible resource of musical knowledge. His approach to learning guitar is relaxed, enjoyable, and goal oriented, allowing me to progress at my own pace while giving me the fundamentals to explore on my own. If you want to learn guitar, look no further than Lane Argue. ”


"Lane’s love and passion for music and teaching is infectious. The hour lesson flies by so quickly, that sometimes it feels like I just got there. He is always available to answer any of my questions throughout the week and if there is something I want to learn, I just have to ask. Lane never ceases to amaze me at how much knowledge he has. He either already knows the songs I want to learn, or after just a couple listens, Lane has it down and ready to teach me."


"Every time I leave my lesson I feel a bit more confident in my abilities as a guitar player and I always leave in a better mood than when I walked in.  I absolutely recommend Lane as a guitar teacher because not only is he a talented guitarist, ​a patient teacher and very affordable, but he is also a down to earth and genuine person that I enjoy spending time with."
Michelle Ribeiro  FULL TESTIMONIAL>


"I’ve often gone into a lesson and at the spur of the moment just asked him to teach me a song that I recently heard and he’s always been able to deliver. Overall I’ve been 100% happy with our lessons and my progress.  Lane creates a very open and laid back environment to learn in, and on-top of everything else, is a very cool guy to hang out with every week."


"Lane is very compatible with all musical preferences and will cater to your interests. He is not only patient but also fun to learn from. I highly recommend Lane to anyone who is interested in learning guitar in a relaxed atmosphere with a teacher who is focused on providing a solid base of skills and theory to meet their individual goals."


“Lane’s deep knowledge and appreciation of music are undeniable and make his lessons an insightful experience that never gets dull. Lane is a very skillful teacher who listens to what his students are trying to get out of learning guitar and is flexible to adjust both his teaching style and content accordingly. ”
Jenya Doudareva  FULL TESTIMONIAL>


“Lane is an expert at what he does. He teaches at a comfortable pace and attacks problems from many different angles until he finds that resonates with my personal learning styles. Whenever I have questions, Lane is a wealth of knowledge. He also pushes me to continuously improve by building upon the skills he’s previously taught me. Lane listens carefully to my goals and develops a master plan to achieve them, this leads to small personal victories and over time reaching your ultimate goal.”
– Stefano Costanzo  FULL TESTIMONIAL>


"I've had the honor of taking guitar lessons with Lane for over a year and I can't recommend him enough.  He teaches you to play songs the way they were actually played, thus teaching you professional techniques. He is easy going, patient and keen to work with you on your individual musical interests and ideas. I've tried many guitar teachers without luck but Lane knows his stuff and makes learning guitar an absolute joy."


"I had been playing guitar for about 10 years but had been feeling "stuck" for a while. From the beginning, Lane took my favourite songs and used them as a basis to teach me underlying theory and techniques, equipping me with the tools to use the entire fretboard rather than learning to play songs in just one way, and constantly keeping it in rhythm to translate easily into playing a song and linking things together."


“It was only after studying with Lane that my skill and knowledge really took off. ​He adjusted his teaching method for different aspects of my musical journey and he also followed up each lesson with a video recap. I credit Lane for much of my success with finger picking and rhythm guitar. I highly recommend him.”



“I've been taking lessons with Lane for just over a year and I'm amazed at the progress so far. Lane makes learning new techniques easy. He also teaches me songs I actually want to learn. Even if I bring him a song he's never heard of, a couple minutes later he's able to teach it with ease. Lane is a very talented musician and teacher!”
Leslie Capredoni  FULL TESTIMONIAL>

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