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Tales from the Arctic Axe Men - Episode 5: Joey Landreth

Tales from the Arctic Axe Men - Episode 5: Joey Landreth

Joey Landreth is a triple threat singer/songwriter/guitarist from Winnipeg, Manitoba. His band The Bros. Landreth won a Juno in 2015 for Roots Album of the Year for their debut album, Let it Lie. Last year Joey released a solo album, Whiskey. In this interview, we discuss how Joey grew up immersed in music and the records played in his house, hearing Derek Trucks for the first time, and jamming with Jimmy Vaughan. Joey explains harmonies, how he works his voice, and ear training. We talk about songwriting, slide guitar, and how he approaches soloing. We also discuss talent vs. hard work and the passion for the work. Joey talks about his future plans and expresses his excitement for The Bros. Landreth upcoming performance with The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Buy "Whiskey" on iTunes: Buy "Let it Lie" on iTunes: Follow Joey: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Follow me: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Video by Camille Argue